Thursday, August 7, 2008

Every once and a while I feel like time has sped up and slowed down at the same moment. Like I'll never have enough time to accomplish all that is in my head, while at the same time I feel like what lies in the future is so far off that I'll never get there. Now is one of those moments. Summer is almost over, I'm really jazzed about going back to school and starting classes and seeing friends, but it all seems forever away. At the same time, I'm staring at this list of things I'm supposed to have down by the end of summer (I'm overly ambitious) and hardly any of it has been accomplished. I'm also looking at a stack of books I still want to read and a folder full of plays I wanted to finish.

So my question is this: what do you do when you feel like you have no time and all the time in the world? Obviously I'm digging at something deeper then a Thursday afternoon; as humans we are given so much time to live that we take it for granted. At the same time, we run around trying to get everything done with no hope of doing it. How are we supposed to live?
Someone told me to live like it was my last day. T think this concept is both highly romantic and highly impractical (like almost all truly great things). I need to plan for future and for having to survive another 60 so years, but it's that planning that keeps me from doing, from living in the moment.

This is my first blog. I'm not sure I understand blogging. I like to read most people's thoughts and find other people's blogs to be fascinating. Some people just rant, some people philosophize, some people use it to explain concepts or recount trips to far away places, and some people just critic other people's blogs. I don't know how I'll be or what the future might hold, but here we go.