Thursday, August 12, 2010

As a Writer

Yesterday I told someone I wanted to be a writer and they responded: You are. It was one of the moments where I could feel a puzzle piece fall into place. Doubting yourself gets you no where. If you want to do something just do it and worry about the other stuff later. My grammar still sucks and I totally write stupid things, but I feel good about my relatability and tone. I know being a writer is hard and I feel guity for not being an English major. But screw it. Right now I'm writing monologues for actors to showcase what they can do. Mostly though I'm writing a couple of pieces and I thought I'd share where I am with each of them.

The first is a vampire/ church action flick, but I've hit a dead point. I don't know how to bring the conflict to a head without it becoming cliche. I figure I can take as much time as I want with this because I don't want it coming out until the vampire madness cools off.

The next is a modern romance about a girl who can't speak and a boy who has to deal with that in their relationship. Right now, it's just a bunch of scenes and it needs to be filled in. I have a lot of cool moments, but they need to be connected.

The next is one woman show set in a graveyard. It stars 7 dead people... 1 live person who visits. Mostly it's a comedy, with tragic moments.... I want it to have an August Osage County. I have the dark comedy beginning and the tragic moment I want, but no in between.

Finally I'm trying to write the beginnings of The Eye of the World adaptation so I can send it off to the producers and maybe get involved in some way. The problem is making myself sit down and do it.

Anyway, not the most profound or interesting blog, but it is what is going on with me...


Amy said...

Keep it up.

Mollie said...

Love it! Don't quit, babe. And keep me posted on the new stuff. If you ever want an actor/reader as a sounding board, you can always send drafts my way.

Miss you madly. Love you tons. xo

Jess said...

YAY! Claim your artistry!
And write your silly little hand (or fingers as the case may be) right off!