Monday, June 14, 2010

Five Reasons why the Bachelorette is BETTER than the Bachelor

I know this topic is a little shocking coming from a College educated woman and a woman who unfriends people who enjoy watching 'Don't Mess with the Zohan' or 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen'. Don't get me wrong, I love guilty pleasures, but no one should stoop to that level. I like my 'guilty pleasures' and actually believe that everyone should have at least one thing that they know isn't the most intelligent or high class, but still brings them joy. For instance: Vampires (real vampires, not bull-shit-sparkle teens) and Ru Paul's Drag Race are both ridiculous... yet they crawl into my heart and warm up what is left after I've watched the critically acclaimed and obviously brilliant 'To End All Wars.' Another guilty pleasure would be The Bachelorette. This addition grew out of housemate community building (oh God I so went to Whitworth) and is silly. Yes Diana is right: the story line is cheesy and never works out, but it's so very fun to watch. I have enjoyed the Bachelorette much much much more than I have enjoyed the Bachelor and here's why. Oh, and because these words are long and annoying to type out 80 million times: BT stands for Bachelorette and BR stands for Bachelor.

1. BT has lots of hot men competing and running around shirtless. BR has lots of sluts cat fighting and literally sneaking into the BR's bed. (Vienna you know what you did)

2. BT boys woo the BT with acts of cuteness and sweetness and gallantry. BR girls turn on each other and gossip each other down to the BR.

3. BT drama is interesting to watch. The guys get in fist fights, injure themselves, lie about singing careers or tattoos, etc. BR drama is lame. The girls fight about (I kid you not) holding out on kissing and curling iron borrowing.

4. BT features a cute girl getting attention and having fun while guys chase her. BR features girls being slutty sluts to get the attention of a guy, who started out looking sweet, but who looks more and more like a pimp as the show progresses.

5. BT is has guys being goofy and singing (sometimes badly but even that is funny). BR, again, is mostly scantily clad women showing off fake boobs.

Perhaps it is that I believe women have more to offer, but the slut thing really bugs me. I wish the girls would ditch the bikinis for t-shirts and bring the BR his favorite candy or movie when he's feeling down.

Final Disclaimer: Watch these types of shows at your own risk. I used to mock them, but now I must tune in to see what knd of crazy things are happening. I deticate this to my Holland girls who also got me addicted to DH... damn. Love you all.

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