Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I love having time to read. Book on tape/ i-pod is changing my life. I look forward to driving just so I can hear where my story is going. Right now I'm listening to Robert Jordan's The Gathering Storm. (only Robert Jordan wrote the outline and was taken from us... so someone else wrote it) I say everyone who likes Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or good fantasy books should pick up this series. The women are bad ass, there isn't too much scenery description, just enough to spark the imagination. My favorite thing about the series is how much it sucks you into this world Jordan has created. There are all these fun touches from our world that the characters don't get. The characters are actually unique and distingtive. There's power and beauty.
Read it. Seriously though. I hate that books/ movies like Twilight and Valentine's Day make money, but Eye of the World (Jordan's first book of the series) can't be made because it's a "risk." Risk means that its merit isn't based on abs being shown or cheesy teen lines. It's deep. This makes me believe in risks. Take a risk. Read this book series.

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